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How do I use the new document templates? - RoofSnap on iOS



  • Meena Mohan

    how do you delete templates !! iphone app will not let you delete templates,

    desktop wont too? why would you not let people delete templates in the menus ?????????????

    why wouldnt the iphone app work better ??????????? 

    tried it on 3 phones.

    dont have an ipad, are you saying the only way to delete templates is to own a ipad?

    i assume i just cant figure it out and of course im wrong about all of  it.

    Please let me know! 

    thank you!!

  • Abigail K.

    Hi Meena, 

    Thanks for asking about this.  The article above is about the PDF document options, but I believe you are specifically asking about the Estimate Templates, which is a different feature.  We made a change in the mobile iOS app some months ago so that Estimate Templates can now be deleted from both iPads and iPhones. 

    Estimate Templates can be deleted from the Manage Templates menu under the info (i) button in the lower left side of the RoofSnap iOS mobile app (iPad/iPhone).

    Hope that helps!


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